Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Thing was huge!

A few years back I spent a week in Arizona on an Indian Reservation, one of the wildest experiences of my life. Wild for a few reasons.

I have never felt a darkness like I did there. It's tough to explain, but it was a dark place. No hope, love, joy and not many smiles. One of the poorest places I have ever seen. Empty beer bottles everywhere and at that time kids were getting high off of hair spray cans, so empty cans were lying around everywhere. I also remember all the dogs just running around and how poorly they were treated.

We stayed at this little, and I mean little church deep into this reservation. It took almost an hour to get back to it off the highway because the roads were so bad. The dust was crazy bad, all of a sudden you woud be wrapped up and it was everywhere.

Anyways, one of the ministries of the church was a backyard bible study type deal. But the church had build a go cart track for the fun part and the thing was flippin sweet. The youth pastor would actually drive this bus, this huge double decker bus on these horrible roads and pick up hundreds of kids and bring them back, it was really cool.

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