Friday, March 31, 2006

Pretty cool lunches

So, I have had some pretty cool lunches/coffees/dinners in my time. I love networking and connecting and it's sort of one of my passtions in life. I love relationships and picking people's brains and I invest a lot of time doing it. One of my coolest lunches ever was with Joe Dumars, yeah, the President of the Detroit Pistons. Every time I have dinner with Marko, it's always a great time, last time he bought for Tracie and I. The last NYWC I met & had coffee some really cool people, people like, Mike King, Steve Argue. Sean Meade, Kurt J., Vince B, Jim Burns and your mom. Anyways, my friends will call me a tool because I did some major name dropping here.

But, probably the coolest person I have had lunch with is YOUR MOM. Man, it never gets old, I love the your mom jokes.

Anyways, today I am having lunch with Mark Bartlett, the CFO of Blue Cross Blue Shield. He is a follower of Christ, and a non profit expert and for some reason he agreed to meet with me. So, I am can't wait.

I do have to say that the absolute funnest person to have lunch with is my wonderful wife. I love when we can sneak away and just her and I get to go to lunch.


Dana Kidder said...

my mom used to work for Blue Cross Blue Shield...and you've had lunch with her...whoa...

Dave said...

Wow... My Mom has cancer. Can't believe you'd joke about that.