Friday, March 24, 2006

StuCo is going great

My new youth ministry is called StuCo, short for Student Community. It's going really well. Right now our Jr. and Sr. high are combined and we meet every other Sunday night for a meeting called Elevate. The fun part for me is getting to know everybody. One of my ministry passions is learning everyone's name. My goal is for every person who attends to know that we cared enough to learn their name and to find out some stuff about them. This may be scary for some, but at least kids are known. When I was at my last church, it was really hard to learn names. Sometimes we would have 100 kids at one of our services and then they would leave and another crop would come in. I made up my mind at that point, that I would find adult leaders to do all the other stuff. Set up/Tear down/ Sound/Set up/Etc, and I would invest a lot of time and energy making sure I could call every student by name. I didn't always know everybody, but it's amazing when you put your mind to learning names how easy it comes.

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