Friday, March 24, 2006

Interesting Case Study

I have been sitting outside the store hollister for about an hour now. My observations:

1. The music is loud. I am at least 25 feet away from the store and I can hear the music very well.
2. Everyone who works there is super skinny.
3. 80% of the girls who have entered have had barely any clother on. Which is funny, because even though it's spring in Michigan it's snowing a little right now.
4. Everyone who enters basically has the same look, that of a tool. (No offense to all you Hollister shoppers)
5. Parents leaving with their children don't look happy.
6. A group of chubby kids were outside and I could tell they were thinking about going it, and then a pack of skinny kids came out, and they went the other way.

Now, I have never been inside a Hollister before, but these were my observations from outside the store.

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