Friday, March 24, 2006

Just Tired

I know I am the world's biggest panzy, but I am just flat out tired. Which is really intriguing to me because I went to bed at 8:30 last night and slept right through my alarm clock and woke up at 7:30am. Man, that's a lot of sleep. I wonder if it has to do with:

...Financial pressure
...Financial worries
...Financial worries for Project311
...Just starting a new job
...Getting to know everybody at our new church
...3 sick kids
...3 sick kids again! Bekah has strept, Bobby and Zach have some massive problems holding down food
...A sick wife
...My kids throwing up all over our couches and trying to clean them
...Straining to hear God's voice
...Weird emails
...Our Jr. high youth worker training coming up and again hoping we have enough to cover costs
...Blitzfest. My new staff must think I am crazy. Yesterday at a staff retreat we were going over
our life maps. And outside of losing 3 relatives in a car crash, Blitzfest was and is the worst time
of my life. My lowest point. So, while telling them this, I just lost it. I know a sissy.
...Trying to figure out how to be a good dad, scratch that, a great dad.
...Trying to figure our how to be sick in love with Tracie. I want our love to consume my thoughts, I want to dream about her
and I want her to feel that there is nothing more important than here.
...Weight. I am so tired of being fat. 2 years ago, I lost 50 pounds and it was the best time of my life! I had more confidence that I have ever had, my back felt great and my life was disciplined.
...I am tired of trying to figure out a consistent time with God. Too often I get to busy to be alone with Him.
...I am tired of trying to make people laugh.
...I am tired of always being the one to make sure that nobody has a beef with me.
...I am tired...

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