Sunday, March 12, 2006

Jay Laffoon in Brighton

My family is having lunch today at Red Robin in Brighton and stinkin Jay Laffoon walks up and says hi. I love Jay Laffoon! I have loved him since I first met him in 1998 and he has been an incredible help/advisor/teacher/supporter of mine over the years. He is an awesome communicator and he has a great conference called Celebrate your Marriage and, oh yes, he is the chaplain for the stinkin PGA! How about that, the chaplain of the PGA.

Anyways, it was really cool seeing him today out of the blue. Tracie and I have always wanted to attend one of the Celebrate conferences and hopefully we will soon. We actually dream of hosting a conference someday for just youth worker's and their spouses and I would love to pull in
  • Jay & Laura
  • and
  • Rand & Marli
  • , another good set of friends who do some great teaching on marriage and family stuff.

    This dream actually started with Tracie, the dream of hosting a conference for youth worker's and spouses. We, like most couples have had our rough moments in marriage, especially years 2-4 when ministry became my life. I totally forgot to communicate with her and she had a hard time vocalizes her worries and she just let it build up. That's not the case now, I try to over to over communicate, which I still end up failing pretty good at, and she rides my case if she doesn't know about something. Especially in ministry, communication is vital for a youth workers marriage.

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    Dave said...

    Does this make me old? Jay's dad was my youth leader with Youth for Christ back in High School. Jay was a speaker once on some of my Campus Life trips