Friday, March 17, 2006

I am so lame

I have wanted to submit an article to youthworker journal for years, but everytime I write something and almost get up the courage to send it, I chicken out. I have a million excuses for why I never send it, but this time I almost sent it. They are accepting articles for an issue on "teaching" and I have this idea on teaching that I that I have been developing for some time. My biggest passion in ministry is teaching, it has been since the beginning. I love teaching God's truth and I love telling stories to go along with it. Actually, in 11 years of ministry (don't you like how I throw in a number? I have worked for churches for 10 + years and I know how to use number, ha, I am so funny) I don't think I have ever turned down on opportunity to teach. Except the ones that I weren't able to because of my commitments at church. I have been so blessed to tell lots of kids about Jesus. Anyways, in all that time, here is the phrase that is behind my entire philosophy on teaching. My goal is to speak with students, not at them. That's it, not very revolutionary I know, but I have seen so many people speak at, talk at kids and nothing sticks. They check out and it's over. So, my thought is to speak with students. Bring them along, use a page from HollyWood and build mad tension, tell stories that come alive, and make students have to work at keeping up with you. Anyways, I almost submitted it. What a wuss.

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