Monday, March 27, 2006

Suppose to Run today, but...

Well, I was suppose to start running again today, but I was just too tired. That is my crazy, lame, weak, worthless reason for everything lately, but today, like the previous 5 days I am just tired. It's 7:18, dinner's over, I am looking at a stack of dishes, a messy living room and I have to start jammies, but I am searching for the energy. I really can't remember a time like this in all my life, when I have been this tired.

Normally, most of my adult life I have been the energizer bunny. I mean, I could just go and go and lately it's just not happening. I think it's a culmination of life events, but mainly I think it's because I am a wimp. At least that's my excuse.

I really do look forward to running again, I really do love to run. The hitch is, it has to be a good back day. My back usually feels crappy when it's cold and rainy, and Saturday it was. Today, though, was Great! The sun was out, and I drove with the windows down, YES! I love warm weather, the warmer the better. A few years ago I got a phone call from a friend in sunny CA asking if I had any interest of interviewing at their church, boy that was tough to turn down. I mean, I am a major moma's boy and the prospect of moving away is a tough one, but I would love the warmth. My back feels great in the warmth and warmer the better. I spent a week in Ft. Worth, TX this summer and I didn't even feel my back once.

Anywho, I will start tomorrow. Yes, I have to. Maybe it was our morning workout that really kicked my tail, who knows. But my goal is run 5 miles by September 1. Actually, I have a crazy goal of losing 25 pounds, reading 25 books, and running 5 miles by September 1.

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