Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I am tired all the time! It is weird, I just always feel exhausted. Especially like last night, I went to bed at 8:30, slept right through my alarm at 5:00am and finally got up at 7:15am. Man, that stinks. Yesterday was a rough day, just emotionally and mentally exhausting.

The morning was fun, I was the guest speaker at PCA's spiritual emphasis week, that was fun. It was fun because I totatally threw the kids for a loop. They were expecting the funny, what's coming next kind of talk, and I sat on a stool the entire time and taught out of Luke 5. There were actually a couple of kids sleeping, yes!

Then the afternoon, that was the tough part. Let's just say this, be very careful before you plan events, especially if your the guy in charge, because everything will come back to bite you. Thankfully, two of our board members were available to help me out.

Then the evening, it was fun. We got to have dinner with my mom and brother. My dad was on call, so he was driving hosptial equipment all over the state. But the family got to have a good KFC dinner with my mom and brother. And I guess, their might be a lady friend in my brother's life, but I think that's a secret. But you know what, there are always like 3 or 4 in his life. Went home, did jammies, watched a little 7th heaven, ya...you read that right and then crashed at 8:30pm.

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Kurt said...

you really must have been exhausted to have sat on a stool the whole time! That is so not the Jason I know!