Sunday, March 12, 2006

I am such a Hypocrite!

I am not sure if I spelled that right, but I am crazy hypocrite. This is extremely weird to write, but today I spoke, yeah, like I was the main teacher in our weekend services at 2|42. Why is that weird? Considering that's what I do a lot of...Because it's been a long time since I felt like I was a part of the church leadership at a church and it has been a weird transition to get back into that mode. It's really an honor.

So, today I finished our series on Parenting and my topic was a tough one. We called it...Now What? What to do when you get to the Now What place of life, when your son/daughter or friend or family member is living outside of God's parameters and is living the life of a prodigal. It was an absolute honor! My pastor, Dave Dummit is a great teacher. Now, I am not saying that because I have to or to kiss up, actually I don't even know if he reads this, oh well. But, we have visited a lot of area churches the last 8 months and I have been at church's with descent teachers, but I haven't heard anybody as good as Dave. I felt like my last pastor just spoke at people and Dave really connects with a great style, great fun and great depth. So, it was honor to take his place for a weekend.

So, why am I hypocrite? Because today I spoke about some biblical principles with dealing with prodigals and some parenting basics and tonight I already didn't do what I spoke about. I have been really tired this last week, a lot of late nights, 4 nights this week I got 4 hours of sleep and I had a crazy day on Friday with our Youth Workers Lunch, I studied all day Saturday and Sunday, I spoke twice, had two parents meetings, so I am beat! So, this afternoon, our kids were run down, I was run down, Tracie was run down, I had no energy, and I lost my patience. That's one of the principles I spoke about, having unending patience. Man, I dream of having undending patience with my kids.

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