Monday, March 06, 2006

Mac Sucks or does it?

So, Love Mac. I really do. I love how easy everything is, but I have had my ibook less than a year and I have monster trouble with it. This last time, they had to replace the logic board and I lost all of my stuff that was on my computer. Mostly because I am an idiot! They need a dummies manual for the dummies, I thought I had backed everything up, but I guess not. All my music, photos, word documents....UHHHHHHHHHH.

Why is it that on a PC, my blogger account has so much more to offer. I can change fonts, sizes, everything, but on my mac I just have spell check. I have to figure that out as well.


Pat said...

Safari is a very unique web browser for Mac and not every website out there is as cutting edge as it is, therefore you lose some funcionality on sites like Blogger. You could try downloading the web browser Firefox it lets you do a little more with your blogger account because it is more designed like a PC web browser.

Buy an external hard drive, or use a dot mac account and begin setting up weekly back-ups, its what I've had to do. Just remember that you are using a computer, whether it is PC or Mac it's going to have problems... but if it were a PC laptop it would have exploded by now... Hah!

Stef said...

mac good
pc bad

Ryan Nielsen said...

Firefox does fix the problems you are describing with not having the editing tools on your blogger account. I found that out on my blog too, with typepad. But, once I started using firefox for it (a free download and great browser on the mac platform as well), it fixed everything for me.

Give it a try. So sorry to hear about your data loss. I am a huge mac user and mac fan... but I understand what you are saying. I have .mac and use the backup software there to backup my entire hard-drive on a weekly basis. You can set it to run automatically and it will do it while you sleep. It is great!!!