Friday, March 03, 2006

I take things way too personally

So, it's true! I don't know why I am wired the way I am, but I just take everything way too personally. I have always struggled with people pleasing, but my latest struggle even surprises myself. So, Project311 is hosting a youth workers lunch next week, March 10th to be exact. Our goal is to simply encourage youth workers and provide an environment where they can get great ideas, resources, spend some time with other folks who love students and stuff we pray that will bless their lives.

I know everybody isn't going to come, but I am surprised how many youth workers just won't return my emails or calls. I know they are crazy busy, and emails from students, parents and church leaders take presendence over mine, but I surprised how many just don't return them. I don't know if it's just me, maybe I am marked. I don't want to be like some of the folks from Teen Mania who call and call and call. [Please note, I admire Teen Mania and did not mean to speak bad about them, but I just think they drive people crazy sometimes] Hopefully that's not me.

I just dream of a community for youth workers where all of the Metro Detroit youth workers (volunteer, part, full, jr, sr, college) can come together quarterly or twice a year for idea sharing or training or encouragement. We haven't had that in our area for years and I am praying that we can get it going.

I am going to work on not taking every thing so personally.


Stef said...

hey jay... i'm thinking you should maybe not take it so personally. :)

A-Train said...

Hey Mandy was just telling me she emailed you a couple weeks ago and hadnt heard back...I thought this was a fitting response to this post =)Funny thing is I told her..."Dont take it personally."

Jason Raitz said...

Huh, wow am I a jacker! Here I go posting about how people don't email me back and you put me in my place. Great job. I am trying to find the email, I remember emailing her some questions, and then I got her responses and didn't know if there was a need to email back. But I am going to email her and apologize.