Sunday, March 12, 2006

Project311 hosts our first Metro Detroit Youth Workers Lunch

"What a great lunch"..."Enjoyed every moment"..."I left encouraged"..."It was great being a room filled with youth workers"..."Thank you for caring"..."Can't wait till the next one".

Those were some of the comments we received after our first Youth Workers lunch. When we first started planning the event, I was really expecting around 20 youth workers to attend. But, I started going to town researching all of the youth workers in our area. They all received email after email, phone calls and the best part was that some veteran youth workers gave us the thumbs up to their networks, that was awesome. So in all, we had 95 youth workers attend!!! Wow, it was wild considering the room we rented comfortably holds around 50. Our board was great, and half of them were able to attend, which was very cool. Dave Kurt and Rod Dunlap did a great job talking from the front and we couldn't of done it without Jason Shinn and his hard work with the video and slides. And we had a huge set up team and they rocked!

We were able to provide a great, free lunch for them, provided by SpringHill Camp. A time for them to share ideas and we will email them everybody's results, so more people will get lots of great ideas. And the fun part for us was the surprise! Yeah, we gave away stuff and they didn't know it was coming. The Project311 board really did a great job coming up with sweet give aways, we gave away:

...Books from Group Publishing and Baker Publishing
...Cups, T-shirts and hats from Springhill camp
...Gifts cards to Costco, Best Buy and a few resturants
...Gift card from our friends at
...2 tickets to the Core (Thanks to Youth Specialties)
...Detroit Piston Tickets and Detroit Piston Playoff tickets
...NCAA first round tickets
...2 tickets to the National Youth Workers Conference

So all in all, our goals for the lunch were not to waste anybody's time, to provide them with some great resources, to give them opportunity to share ideas and we wanted to encourage them. I think we did pretty good. Can't wait till the next one!

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