Sunday, April 02, 2006

A healthy, Relational Ministry is the Goal

Tonight is Elevate. That's what we call our gathering of jr./sr. high students. Right now we meet twice a month and everybody's combined. We get to use this workout gym for our meeting place, so it's cool to have a lot of space.

I have been at 2|42 for a month now and I in my own opinion I haven't done anything real earth shattering. I have just been trying to concentrate on relationships. I have known one way of doing ministry for 11 years and I am questioning that way big time right now. My natural mind set is to slip into "growth" mode. What do I mean by that? Well, "growth" mode to me is easy. It's natural. It's filled with a lot of goals, building teams, hype, and challenges. I think all that has a place, but I am trying to lay a very relational foundation.

I want every kid who comes to be known. That's why I spend a great deal of energy learning every one's names and trying to connect with each kid.

Anyway, I can't wait.

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