Tuesday, April 11, 2006

So Very Excited and Stressed

Tomorrow is our first Jr. High Worker Training Day, Yeah! I am both very excited and very stressed out. I know I shouldn't be stressed out, but I am stressed out over my presentation. I am doing a presentation called..."Do you Speak at Students or Do you Speak With Students"? It's something I have been working on for about 4 years and I am always making changes and re-tooling it. So, it will be fun to present. This last weekend at Battle Cry actually helped cement a lot of my material this talk, so it was good I got to attend.

I also can't wait to hang out with Scott and show him my hood. I have hung out with him a couple of times at Willow and when he interviewed me about 4 years, I got to see the Rubin crib. Yes, that's right, he interviewed me for their worship posistion for the Jr. high, yeah, that didn't work out. I also get to take Scott tomorrow night to a Pistons Game and better yet, Lebron is in the house. Boy, am I ghetto today.

I am also pretty geeked about our turn out. I was hoping for at least 20 and it looks like we are going to make it. We also have some cool friends coming from some area churches and even our friends over at Mars Hill in Grandville are coming, so that will be fun.

I am thankful for Mark Butler over at Calvary for hosting this, what a huge blessing. Alright, lot's more to do! Peace Out, Fo Shizzle


Sean said...

Dude, you are gangsta. And I know, I roll hard here in da hood in Kansas.

love your posts. I've been awol for awhile, so I had to get caught up.

Pat said...

Great meeting Jason. Scott and you did a terrific job of presenting some great material for us. Thanks again for your hard work and honesty about ministry... It's refreshing.