Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wow, the Retreat is Rough!

Let me start by saying....I have never, never...NEVER been to a nicer camp facility, EVER! Timber Wolf is the NICEST camp I have ever been too. I can't even use the word the camp, it is a RESORT. My room has a double bed, sheets, blankets, towels, and the works. The lodge building or whatever you call it is so stinkin nice. There is so much stone work outside, it's is gorgeous.

Wow, Steve and I actually found a hot tub and went and visited it tonight, wink!

Speaking of wink. I was walking back to my room today and a group of new friends and did the wink thing to me, it was nice. If you don't know, I typically wink a couple of times during my talks.

Highlights so far:

Hanging out with Steve. Can't explain it, but we click really well. What I love most about Steve is his desire to learn and his desire to serve, awesome.

Meeting new friends. It took much longer than normal, but I learned everyone's name/school/grade and went through the group tonight and did it in front of everybody. They thought it was cool, and it gives me a much deeper connection with students. The trick is commiting it to long term memory.

Been fun hanging out with Jared. Jared is the Sr. high director at Ward, one of my former churches.

Leading worship with Steve tomorrow. Man, can he sing some mad harmonies!

Family style meals. OH MY! The food is incredible!

But, I miss my family and I am kicking myself for not bringing them, maybe next time!

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