Sunday, April 16, 2006

Huge Blessing

Tracie and I don't get to go on dates very much, let alone out to dinner at a nice place. The date thing is hard because we have to find a baby sitter to watch all three kids and then one who we have taught the ins and outs of Zach's PKU.

Anyways, last week at our Jr. high worker training, someone came up to me and handed me a gift card to one of Tracie's favorite restaurants and said something like..."we appreciate all you do". Well, it just about blew me away! The really funny thing is, a couple of weeks ago, when I was sharing with a group of youth pastors from the Ann Arbor area on the power of connecting, I talked about how Tracie and I try to buy gift cards and give them to youth pastors just to say thanks. Well, it meant a lot and Friday evening we go the chance to go out on a date and we had a blast! The food was great too!

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