Friday, April 21, 2006

Retreat Weekend

This afternoon I head off to the new Young LIfe camp
  • Timber Wolf

  • I get to take my new friend Steve Hazelwood with me and I get the honor of being the speaker for a Sr. high retreat weekend sponsored by the
  • EPC Youth

  • There is going to be a good mixture of EPC (Evangelical Presbyterian Churches) churches and I will be seeing a lot of friends. I know my buddy Jared from Ward will be there and my buddy Mike from Grace Chapel will also be there, so that will be cool to hang out with them. I also get to hang out with Marc, the head of the EPC youth, so that will rock. I have been looking forward to this for awhile and I pray that God will move powerfully. I pray that students will be receptive, I pray that God will speak to them, I pray that there will be a great atmosphere of laughter, listening and learning. I pray that if there are hurting kids who attend, I pray that God would touch their lives and draw them to close to Him.

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