Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Our Bobby is sick again

Man, these last couple of months have been rough with sickness with the kids. So, a couple of weeks ago we took Bobby in for his check-up and his doctor was a little worried about how pale he was and how he complains of headaches pretty often. So, she had us take him for bloodwork and he was a trooper, didn't even cry and they took three tubes of blood. A week later we get a call saying we have to go back because the lab waited to long and the blood clotted. CRAP! So, we took him back and again, a trooper.

We got some news from some of the tests and it turns out his alergy level is double of what it should be, so now we start some allergy testing. But, we haven't heard back from his lead level, which we think the tiredness is coming from anemia.

But, he woke up today with a 101 fever and he has been sleeping all day. I hate it when our kids our sick, I hate the feeling of helplessness.

When my kids are sick, I always think of my friends Tom & Kara. They have been through an incredible amount of doctor visits, surgeries, specialists, and so much more with their son. All I know is that I don't spend enough time praying for my kids, their health and their lives.

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