Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Pressure....AHH

Wow, these last five to six months have been a wild ride, to say the least! The word wild really doesn't cut it, maybe something like...the lowest points of my life. I feel like I and us as a family, have lived some pretty dark days and there were many moments where I have cried about it, both figuratively and literally. It really all stems from financial pressure. Not having a steady paycheck these last 8 months, it has been hard for us to pay bills and honor those commitments. It's really not a tough choice when it comes to feeding/clothing our family or bills.

But, the thought came to me last week...So What? Really, that's the thought I believe God laid on my heart. So What? So What it's been tough, it could be tougher. So What you want to give up, just do it if you want to. So What it's hard with money, it will get better. So, that put things in huge perspective for me. These last months have been hard, but we have been taken care of more in that time than any other time in ministry. I will post later on some of the amazing gifts our family has received and how God has blessed us like crazy.

A few of my board members have really blessed us by taking care of us and supporting us. I am so thankful for their continual sacrificial gifts to p311 and to the Raitz family. A few friends and a couple new friends really came around us and loved us like never before. So, we are blessed!

Actually, I was driving out of our driveway last week on my way to take Scott back to the airport and he said something to me that literally changed my life. He said..."You are a very Wealthy man". Huh, I never thought about that before. I am extremely wealthy! I may not be able to buy my wife new clothes or take her out for nice meals, but our family is incredible. They are the apple of my life and I so honored to have them. Plus, may I never forget about my place in heaven and the sacrifice Christ made for me, wow, now that's wealth!

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