Thursday, April 13, 2006

An Incredible Man

So yesterday I got to hang out with a friend from Chicago, Scott Rubin. I met Scott about 4 years ago when he interviewed me for a job, well that didn't work out, but we both knew I wasn't the right person. Anyways, we hooked back up a few years ago and he has been great encourager and mentor. Every time we talk, I hang up the phone with a new pep in my step. Scott has even asked me to come teach his students a couple of times and those weekends have been highlights for me.
He has a great team, and every weekend we have been there has been a riot.

Anyways, Project311 brought him out to Detroit to do a training for Jr. high youth workers yesterday. It went really well. Scott did a fantastic job and I have heard great feedback so far from those who attended. One of my very good friends, Mark Butler, opened up his church as a host for us. He blessed us and helped us make the training a success. We had a great mix of youth workers attend and they seem to enjoy talking with each other.

After the training, Todd & Bev and their daughter took us out to dinner and we had a great time. Scott and his wife Carrie was there and Jason Shinn came with us. It was fun to laugh and we enjoyed a great dinner, and I mean great. Then it was off to the Piston's game. Wow, that was a great time!

Scott and I headed back to my house for the night. Now here's the deal, Scott is incredible with kids. He has 3 boys and every time he has been with my kids, they just love him. Since he stayed in Bekah's room, she hid some Easter eggs and a couple of presents for him to find, she is super sweet like that.

All in all it was a great training and it was great hanging out with Scott.

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Sean said...

Sounds like you guys had an amazing time. I haven't had the chance to meet Scott yet...but am looking forward to the Colorado Summit. When Kurt came out to KC for the YouthFront training day, we went over to Eric Venable's for a killer cookout...but no Piston's game, that's for sure!