Sunday, April 09, 2006

I struggle with Mt. 18

So, I have a friend who I offended. Actually, I think he is closer than a friend, more like a little brother. I guess I offended him when I didn't accept him as a friend on MySpace. Look, I have already posted about how much I hate MySpace, just a personal opinion. And I won't get into details, but I didn't accept him.

So, Mt.18 talks about confronting someone when you have a problem with them, but is it also for the reverse? I actually found out through his myspace that he had a problem with me. So, am I to confront him and say, hey, I hear you have a problem with me. Even when the resonsibility is his? All the leadership stuff I have read says, a leader is the one who always goes the extra mile. I am struggling daily to be the leader I know God wants me to be, but I called him anyway to try and work it out. So, I do feel bad for offending him, because I love him and believe in him. Some of the stuff he wrote on his myspace really got me thinking and hopefully he will give me permission to post it on my blog because I spent a great amount of time last night praying and thinking about what he said. So, I guess my struggle is, it's not easy to go the extra mile and it's not easy to confront each other, because it's darn hard, but I guess we need to suck it up and just do it. Even though, I don't like to. I admit that straight up.


Dana Kidder said...

I think of Matthew 5:23-24...basically it is the reverse of chapter 18.

PA said...

Well, I love Matt 18. But you have to remember to smother all of Matt 18 with John 13:1-17; 34-35