Monday, April 10, 2006

A wild Lunch

So Shinn and I were sitting at lunch last week and we looked over at the table across from us and we both just about lost it. You know, one of those moments where you about pee your pants. Yes it was a wild lunch. There were two older gentlemen sitting at lunch dividing up their SEASON TICKETS TO THE TIGERS!!!

I couldn't even believe it, to see that whole pack of tickets just sitting there. We started to stare and they got a little worried. I am ashamed to say that we even sized them up, and I know we could of taken them. But, we didn't.

Maybe someday we thought, maybe someday we could be those two old guys dividing up our tickets. Maybe

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E said...

I definately agree with Matt 18 saying if a fellow believer has offended you, you should tell him. I think we should aim more at just not hurting a fellow believer or anyone for that matter. I dont think that will ever happen, but I do think our focus should be on those causing the hurt, not the hurting. I've seen this verse used alot as a blame push when someone offends someone else. Example: I dont have to take ownership of what I did wrong that hurt you because you didnt come to me and say it hurt your feelings. If a person is hurt, they have reason to be. I think we should worry less about people coming to us when we offend them and start worry more about offending others.
If you dont want to be friends with someone because of how or who they are you have EVERY right, but we need to do less voicing to other people about why we dont accept those people. Keep in mind this guy found out the reason you didnt want him as a friend was because of a post about drinking and you wanted to protect your students from him and he found out from your, to me, It looks like there was some Matt 18 needing to happen on both sides of the table. But again, you have every right to accept or reject anyone as a real friend, myspace friend, special friend, whatever, I would just not voice why to other people, unless you've voiced it to the person you've decided not to be friends with.
That would be my only advice in the whole situation...good blog though, glad I saw it.
PS I Love Myspace, but I hate we balance out =)