Monday, February 13, 2006

Crazy thought

So, tonight I had a crazy thought. On March 10th, Project311 and SpringHill Camp is hosting a Metro Detroit Youth Workers Lunch. I am very excited because this hasn't happened in our area for at least 8 years. So, that could be good and that could be bad. From what I have learned so far about youth workers in my area is that some of them are highly competitive and really do concern themselves with the fact that they have more kids than the church down the street. And I have found that many of them do not seek out any community building with other youth workers. THAT BLOWS MY MIND. I just don't get it, at freakin all!

So, we hope to rebuild a Metro Detroit area network, we hope to encourage some mad idea sharing, we hope to get Group, YS, Baker, Zondervan to give us free stuff to give them, and we hope to bless them. So I had a crazy idea. Wouldn't it be cool if we could get 15 local Sr. Pastors to serve at the lunch! Huh, you may not think so, but I sure do. Then reality set in for me and I started to think through all of the Sr. Pastors I know in Metro Detroit and I don't think I could get that many. I know for sure my old Sr. Pastor would never do something like this, no disrespect to him, but he rarely connects with his own staff, let alone asking him to serve youth pastors who serve the local church. So, crazy idea that will go in the files.

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Dana Kidder said...

crazy, excellent idea.