Monday, February 06, 2006

Pet Peeves: Church Version

A couple of my pet peeves: Church Version. Please remember these are just my personal pet peeves.

1. Churches that don't have a website! Believe it or not, there are still churches in 2006 that don't have websites. What the heck?
2. Churches that have a 24/7 automated answering service. I don't mind it after 5pm but during the day, no voice, no person to greet me, what the heck?
3. Churches that have RUDE people that answer their phone. True conversation (I have changed the name of the church to protect it's identity) : First Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, non denom, bible believing church, how may I help you? Hi, I was wondering if your church had a website? ...weird silence. Well, why are you asking? Umm, I was just wondering if you had a website I could check out. Well, I will have to have somebody call you back and let you know if you are allowed to view it. Well, isn't that strange. What the heck?
4. Church websites that don't have all the contact information on every page. Very important, I think.
5. Church's that don't have a high quality program to pass out. Don't get that at all. If you don't have money, you can still put something of quality in people's hands. And use Spell Check.
6. Rude children ministry workers. I hate that. Having 3 kids, I really need the someone to tell me where to go and show me where to go.
7. A non relational leadership. What the heck, this I don't get for sure. I think the Sr. Leadership should be the most relational, especially with the staff and other leaders.
8. Poor Sound & Video. Don't get me wrong, I know some churches can't afford good tech, but it doesn't take that much anymore. No more feedback!
9. Churches that don't support the children's and youth ministry. Or should I say, Sr. Pastors who don't support their children's and youth programs.
10. More than 2 singers in the worship team, I just don't get 9 hundred microphones.
11. Pastors that don't return phone calls or emails!
12. Churches that have Excellance as a value. Now, I am not about Perfectionism, but why don't we do the best job that we can?
13. Pastors and Youth Pastors who think the world revolves around them and their ministry.

Those are some. More to come.


Pat said...

Oh I gotta add a few of my personal church pet peeves:

Youth Pastors that do not attend, and in a lot of instances barely even support the church they work for. What kind of example are you setting?

Youht Pastors that just sit and complain about their church being soo stinking bad... Please, if you don't like it, don't take the paycheck. Last time I checked it's still a job.

Good stuff Jason.

Anonymous said...

I think the deal with the multiple singers on a worship team is to avoid the "rock star syndrome" that so many churches have suffered from, and the sin that invites. It keeps the spotlight off of that one or two. It isn't my favorite sound, but I'll take it over affairs, and demi-god worhsip anyday.

Dave said...

Whoah... Mr. Jason "Excellence" Raitz saying "Churches that have Excellance as a value. Now, I am not about Perfectionism, but why don't we do the best job that we can?"