Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Teaching at Chapel

Tomorrow I get to teach and lead worship for a chapel at Plymouth Christian in Plymouth, MI. Should be a blast. I spoke for their 'back to school' retreat in September 05 and that was awesome. I haven't led worship in awhile, so I am probably going to pull out some sweet MWS or Michael Card or maybe even some sweet FFH. Ha, I am so funny. You know what, I don't even think I have played my guitar since October, oh well, at least I can pull out my freakin KAZOO. That is a great instrument to lead worship with, YOU KNOW IT.

My topic: Love

My title: Love Who?

My theme verse: 1 John 3:11

My Big idea: We are called to love everyone from family to friends to foes.

My funny story: "I like Cheese"

I love teaching at christian school chapels, I love it. What is really weird is I might be teaching at my daughter's chapel very soon, weird or cool. I am going to go with both: WEICOORDLD

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