Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Metro Detroit Youth Workers Lunch

What is this? Well, Project311 and SpringHill Camps is hosting a lunch for all of the Metro Detroit Youth Workers on March 10, 2006. We consider Metro Detroit to be...Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, and Washtenaw counties.

The lunch is at the St. Mary Cultural Center, the 18100 Merriman, Livonia, MI 48152.
The lunch is from 11:30am-1:00pm.

You can RSVP to Or if you have questions you can email us at or call (877) 762 3046.

Right now we have enough food, and trust me it will be good food, for about 50. I don't know if we will hit that, but that is our rough estimate Now 50 you say, that's all? Yeah, I know. Right now in my database I have at least 132 youth workers who I have made personal contact with by either phone or email. On top of that I have a database going with over 500 churches so far in the Metro Detroit area. So, prayerfully more youth workers than 50 will find some it important to attend.

I have been a youth worker (youth pastor, youth director, student ministry director, guy who loves working with students, whatever you call it) for 11 years. It's still wild to think that an extremely conservative church hired me when I was only 19, what were they thinking? Well in that time, it amazes me how many youth workers do not place a high value on connecting with other youth workers. Some call it Networking, some call it building friendships, some call it a waste of time and some call it building a community for yourself.

I just can't figure out why youth workers don't connect with other. One person said to me once, "I don't do it because I don't have anything to offer". Who cares, learn. I started connecting with other youth workers so I could learn. I started to realize that I thought the way I did things were the only way and after meeting with other youth workers I started to realize that I could reach so many more students by learning as much I could from others. I am going to post a lot about this is in the coming days, more to come. So, back to the details.

WHY SHOULD A YOUTH WORKER ATTEND? Great question, my next post will have some answers.

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Pat said...

Man, I'll go to anything once, especially if food is involved. In my opinion there are 2 great reasons why a youth worker should attend these types of meetings. 1. To learn from others and 2. To teach/help others. There are a lot more, but those are my big two reasons for going. Like I said I'll try anything once, but if it turns into one big complain about my church fest, then I won't go back. Luckily every time I have done something like this with Jason it has been a top notch time of sharing ideas, good fun, and learning more about ministry. He does a great job of navigating conversations and keeping on task. Don't miss this thing!