Friday, February 17, 2006

Wow, what a week

Man, what a week. Started off pretty good, only Bekah was sick. Now she has missed a whole week of school, Zach has Pink eye, and now Bobby is coughing like a mad whooping cow. So yesterday 4 out 5 Raitz's had a fever over 100. Pretty talented I know. I am feeling better, no more fever and I can swallow again. But, what a day I have

Lunch with Jack, the Jr. high pastor at Highland Park Baptist
Drive out to Aaron's work to pick up some lights
Study for the lock-in tonight
Help Tracie clean the house for Bekah's party tomorrow
Take the lights out to Jims church
Put the kids in bed
Put the last minute touches on my talk for tonight
Head out to Jim's Lock In
I speak at 12:00am, wow, that's late

Alright, I can do it.

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