Monday, February 06, 2006


-- Failing isn’t fatal. Or in the words of Brad Powell (Pastor of NorthRidge Church) Failure isn't Final.

I have been struggling with Failure a lot lately, well, actually the last 8 months or so. What is failure? How do you handle failure? I found this piece of an article that Rick Warren wrote, helped a little.

"Because we value success so much, we tend to exaggerate the effects of failure. But failure isn’t the end of the world. You won’t die from it. With failure -– you fail, you pick yourself up and you go on.
One of the best ways to bounce back from failure is to redefine it.
Failure is not failing to reach your dreams. Failure is not having a dream.
Failure is not setting a goal and missing it. Failure is not having a goal.
Failure is not falling down. Failure is refusing to get back up.

If at first you don’t succeed, big deal! It’s usually the second, third or fourth time you actually get it right. You are never a failure until you give up. Remember, everybody fails.

-- Failure has benefit.

Did you know that one of God’s primary tools in making you the kind of person he wants you to be is failure?

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