Monday, February 13, 2006

More Bally Total Fitness observations

Why are the locker rooms always dirty, yet there are always people cleaning them?

Can there really be chubby aerobic instructors?

I never wear my glasses in the hot tub and the showers, I did today and I know why I never do, WHAT a freakin mess. Going to keep my glasses off for now on.

Should it be legal for men over 50 to wear speedos in public places? At Bally's it is and the bigger the belly the better.

The bally commercials have incredibly hot people working out in them, real life Bally's are not like the commercials.

Some people have horrible form as they work out and the funny thing is, they don't know it.

Typically the guys with the bigger muscles means they stare at themselves more.

There could be no one at the gym but I always pick a locker next the only other person there.

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