Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Is my Blog Lame?

So, I just got off the phone with one the best bloggers I know. I won't reveal his name or blog identity, but I will tell you it rhymes with www.maveburt.com, those of you who don't know Dave Kurt won't be able to figure that out, or maybe you will. Only time will tell. So, here's the story. I really respect him and his blog and his blogging prowess. BUT...

He told me my blog template could be an old ladies! I was like....wwhhaatt? It's retro, it's vinatage, it's sweet like butter on a chilly, breezy day.

So, is my Blog lame. Come on, just spill it. Give it to me...go on, You Can Do It!


Dan Ohlerking said...

dude - it's valentine's day - how could anyone tell you something like that on valentine's day?!? it so personal.

i guess i'll have to check out this maveburt.com dude (hope i can decipher the actual url) and see what kind of phenomenal non-old-lady template he's cranking out.

this is my first visit to your blog - i already like it. (being a mac user myself, there was little option but to like you. i found you because of your link to hpc where i work. thanks for the link!

i'll be back for sure.

Stef said...

i like it.
though i would probably change the font type for the headings. the script thing is just... well...