Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A life changing moment

Today I attended the funeral of a former student's dad. It was so moving, so emotional, so sad, and so joyful. Jameson's dad died of A.L.S and it only took about 3 years for it to do it's work. No cure. That just amazes me. This man was a great dad, a great husband, and an incredibly joyful person. That's the kind of people I relate to the most. I hope this doesn't sound too harsh, but I can't stand negative people. People that view everything negatively. I just don't get it. Christ promised us a life of joy and even though life sucks at times and crappy stuff happens, we still have that joy. He promised us an abundant life, a life full of joy and yet I see so many believers living like they can't experience that joy till heaven. I just don't buy that, I believe at the moment of salvation, eternity begins, and thus, joy.

One of my hero's and mentors, Ken Davis, says he thinks Joy entered the world when the stone was rolled away. So, today was hard and it's going to be hard for Jameson and his mom (who is just about the most incredible person I have ever met) for a long time, but They Have HOPE! They have the promise of salvation and the assurance that their husband and dad is walking on the streets of gold. I was hanging out with Jameson last night in the funeral home and I didn't want to say the lame Christian thing we always say at this stuff, but I had to say, man, your dad is loving not being in that wheel chair anymore. Jameson thought his dad was already running again and playing some baseball, I agree.

It also made me think of how many moments I miss with my kids. Why do I do that? I am too busy, got too much too do, too tired. Enough already, I need to cherish every minute I have with them. Today was definitely was life changing moment.


Stef said...

What a wonderful reminder not to take for granted the time we have with the people we love. And of the hope and joy we have in Christ.

thanks :)

kurt said...

Wow I hadnt heard of him passing...that has to be tough on Jameson. Thats so cool that you were there for that though.