Monday, July 24, 2006

Camp Velocity...Day # 1

We are here at Camp Velocity on the beautiful campus of Kenyon College in Gambier, Oh. There is a group of about 10 churches that have done their own summer camp for a longt ime. They basically rent out a portion of a college campus and have camp. This is our third straight year and it's a blast. We drove pretty much all day yesterday because we had to head down to Dayton, Oh to pick up the trailer with all the sound/light gear and then we headed over to Gambier from there. So, 8 hours in the car, not too shabby. Quick highlights so far:

  • All the adult youth pastors for this camp get here a night early and hang out, that's always fun. Plus, they helped us unload the trailer and it only took 15 minutes. Awesome!
  • We found somebody last minute to haul the trailer from Dayton to Gambier. A guy from Calvary Baptist drove all day for us, what a blessing!
  • We ate dinner at Ryan's Family Steakhouse, need I say more?
  • The camp put my family up in an Super 8 motel in town, need I say more? They got us a suite, much more space than a normal hotel room. The guys are staying somewhere on campus. It even has a whirl pool tub, yeah, I know.
  • We have had virtually no problems with set up or tear down. The last couple of years it took us forever to set up, but this year it has gone awesome. It's been great to have Chad because he's a work horse. Jimmy has also taken care of all the lighting w/Zack's help, so that's sweet.
Funny moment so far?
  • About 10 minutes ago, my youngest son (Zachary the tornado) pulled a fire alarm in the auditorium we are in, funny? Maybe not funny, but quicker than I thought he would.
  • My middle son than proceeded to blame it on his Uncle Jimmy, that was the funny part.
Many pictures to come.

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