Monday, July 03, 2006

My Idol Just Retired

Man, why I am crying? I am listening to Stevie on the radio right now, and I can't help but cry. I grew up watching and idolizing Steve and I loved watching Wing games with my dad and brother. He is by far one of the most respected player in sports history. He is a stand up guy, led by example, is a man of honesty and always played his heart out. If 2 or 3 other wings played like Steve this year in the playoffs, we would of won the cup.

What a great example and a great hockey player. We will miss Steve.


Stef said...


man! I go to Amsterdam and the Detroit professional sports scene falls apart. Ben Wallace defects to Chicago. Stevie Y retires.
geez.. what's next?... Joey Harrington.. oh... wait.... never mind.

still, I wondered how long it'd be before Stevie retired. any mention yet of who the next captain will be?

Phil said...

right there w/ you jason. i actually got to write a paper on him in college. definitely a sad sad day. outside of his hockey skills, he's a man of character 1st.