Sunday, July 02, 2006

My brother is in DC

A couple of months ago I get a phone call from a mentor/friend who helps with DC/LA (a youth event). He asks me if my brother would be interested in helping one of his teams for the event and I tell him, I think he will be. So, my brother flies down to DC to be a driver for the artists and volunteer for the event. Secretly, I wish it was me because I am sucker, I am talking MAJOR SUCKER for big events. Probaly my dream job, other than coaching baseball at the collegiate level, would be running a big event like...DC/LA, NYWC or something like that. I just have always loved big events. I have always been the dork that gets there early to check out the set up and count's the chairs and dumb stuff like that.

Anyways, so my brother, Jimmy has always loved events as well. So, he's having fun catering to the every need of folks like...TobyMac, Kendall Payne, SuperChix, Hawk Nelson, Sanctus Real and so on. He was secretly hoping he would get to drive around the David Crowder Band, but he found out they already had drivers. My brother tells me that the DCB is getting worked hard this week in DC. Not only are they leading worship at DC/LA but also at an event called Jama. So, after they play at DC, their gear gets torn down and taken to the other event, they lead at Jama, and then their gear gets torn down and taken back to DC. Crazy.

I told him if he sees Marko to give him a nice slap on the rear, but I don't think he would do it and he hasn't seen Marko. I guess Marko is like a ninja at these big events, he's just everywhere and at the same time. Sort of like the ominpresence of Thom Schultz. JK

Anyways, I thought it was cool.


marko said...

saw a guy walking toward me in the hall today who looked just like you and i said, "you must be raitz!" sure enough. we talked for a bit, and i told him you said he would slap my butt, so he did. a beautiful little moment in the washington convention center.

Sean said...

I think that pretty much proves the whole omnipresence thing.