Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What a Great Camp!

Summer Celebration was a great camp. Project311 did all the production/worship and speaking for this middle school camp on the campus of University of Miami, OH.

What made it a great camp? Well here are some thoughts:

  • Veteran Leadership. There is just something about partnering with youth pastors that have a ton of experience. No knock against young youth pastors, but the difference is unbelivable.
  • Tom Robinson has been a youth pastor for over 30 years and this man just oozes wisdom and patience and love. He's amazing. He treated our team like Kings and shepherded us all the entire week. I look up to Tom and he is definately going to make my..."If I picked the speakers for NYWC".
  • History. This camp has been going on for at least 15 years. All of the younger youth pastors and volunteers had all attended this camp when they were in Jr. high, so it makes for a cool time.
  • The students were really cool. Responded great to the worship team and for some reason, talks. Although, I am not entirely happy with the talks, so it was cool students still responded.
  • Freedom. I think the # 1 mistake camp planners make is when they schedule too much and make students do something at all time. I think it's wrong. They need some freedom, not crazy freedom, but some choices and some opportunities for them to decide. Summer Celebration has some great freedom for kids.
  • Happy Schedule. I think the # 2 mistake camp planners make is the schedule. They just have to plan every second and most of the time the schedule doesn't work with middle school bodies. Why do we have breakfast at 7:30am at camp? Because that's the only time the camp will do it...wrong, we are paying, they will move the time. I am speaking at a camp in August that has the breakfast at 10:00am and they let kids sleep in, how cool is that.
  • Godly Leadership.


Pat said...

Sounds like an awesome experience. I am very interested in seeing the "If I picked the speakers for NYWC" list that you keep referencing. Finish up your list and post it.

Mine would obviously include Jason Raitz because, well, you know, he's kind of a big deal... he has many leather bound books and his new house smells of rich mahagony.

Jason Raitz said...

Oh, it's coming. Just want to make sure I don't leave anybody out.