Sunday, July 23, 2006

Night before a trip

Well, here we are again, the night before a trip and we are still up getting things ready. Someday, we will go to bed at 9pm the night before a trip. It's amazing to me though how good Tracie is at packing up what we need for a week away. Wherever we have stayed in the past 7 years of doing this, she always makes it feel like home. Doesn't matter where we are, within minutes she has everything set up and ready to go.

This week we are in Gambier, OH at Kenyon College for Camp Velocity. This is our third straight year and I am so blessed to be apart of this camp. I picked up the guys from the airport yesterday and I heard all about their week in Mexico. Sounds interesting to say the least. This week in Mexico was going to be my last Adventures in Mission ( trip for awhile, so I guess they did a great job. I have done maybe 10 Adventure in Mission trips over the 4 or 5 years and each one has been unique, so I bummed I missed it. But, I am excited to head down to Oh. The guys are meeting us at our house in the morning and we will head over to Chad's, then to Calvary Baptist and then to Jason Shinn's mother-n-laws (that's a long story) and then to Kenyon College.

I am still in need of a truck to haul our trailer back from Gambier, late Friday night or early Saturday morning, please be praying, or at least I will be praying.

Camp Velocity gets over Friday night and then once we head home, things ramp up for us pretty quick. Including...Family in from PA, then heading out the Willow the first week of August, I teach JHI that first weekend, then we have Elevate's Summer Camp at SpringHill (Ind.) and then we get home, pack up and I do one last summer camp, then we head out to Chicago to live temporarly in a basement, and then the move. Wow, it's going quick.

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