Thursday, July 06, 2006

First post from a Dell

This is my first offical post from a PC. I just picked up a laptop from my new church and I thought I would stop and try it out. Honestly, I am a little lost. There is no apple key and it's messing me up. It's much stiffer as well, not as cool. But, it's brand new and it's a laptop and I get to use for free, so I will not complain. What a blessing.

Also, the hunt continues for a house. We were all set to look at one this morning, one that we were really praying about and the guy cancelled because he had to leave out of town last minute. We could look at it on Saturday, but we won't be here. So, prayerfully it will work out.

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Anonymous said...

jason you are about to join the glorious world of crashes and viruses.