Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Camp Velocity...Post # 2, Day...3

HighLights from Day 2 & 3...

  • 3 of the youth pastors who organize this camp, pulled me aside last night to pray for me and lay hands on me. You would be surprised how many camps I go to where no one prays. So, that was awesome. Plus, I really love these guys and it was great.
  • Middle School kids are so cool. I love the fact that they ask me to sign stuff. It's so funny to me. I told a story about how I loved the. 79 cents fountain drinks from Speedway, so a bunch of them had their youth pastor take them to Speedway and then they brought me the cup to sign, how funny.
  • Tonight went really well. Students Laughed, actually we all laughed hard. And that opened up ears to Listen and I believe we had some Learning moments.
  • Here are some pictures.

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