Sunday, July 02, 2006


So, I must be an egyptian, cuz I feel like I am getting the plagues! My doctor tells me that she thought my skin rash was poison ivy, but then she said it must be a VIOLENT reaction to the medicine I was on for my knee. Well, whatever it is, it is a pain in the arce! I have never itched like this before, it's amazing.

She gives me a steroid cream, ie...I think it's called the "Barry Bonds Cream" and I was like, you know I have so much to do today, I will get it tomorrow. Then the next day comes I was busy and then we had a party for the boys and so this morning I take it to get it filled from my local rite aid and they tell me it's going to be a day's wait!!! AHAHAHAHAH#$^%$&#$%&! It's all my fault, my wonderful and wise wife told me to get it filled right away and I was like woman, I am the man, I will get it filled when I want. Well, now I will itch.

I went to Bally's this morning to sit in the hot tub to hopefully make the rash, boils, blisters, whatever they are (they are nasty, I will tell you that) feel better (don't you love public hot tubs!) and it did feel great. Then the shower room was empty, so I turned one shower on cold and one on hot and went back and forth. Again, felt great. So, hopefully I can get the cream tomorrow.

Back to the plagues, I found 2 frogs in my garage, what's next, we'll wait and see.

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