Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Please pray for the Raitz Family

Today we are heading back out to Chicago to hopefully & Prayerfully (is that the spiritual word for hopefully?) find a place to live. We are just hoping (praying) we can find an affordable rental house in relatively close proximity to Willow. But, we'll see.

Actually, yesterday on a family walk I figured out what would be the easiest for us with this transition. If I could invent a time portal, then we wouldn't have to move from our area or our current home and then I could walk through a closest like contraption, that I could place in my garage, and I could anywhere I wanted. Sort of Quantum Leapish, but I would have full control. So, it would really save on gas and we wouldn't have to box everything up. Ha, I am so funny. That's weird, I never go all science fiction, but I did there. Huh.

Anyways, we are praying that God will open up a major door and provide a miracle for us. Thanks for praying.

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Stef said...

know that i'm praying for you guys.
be safe. and know that God's already got it all worked out.