Sunday, July 09, 2006

My head is spinning

I hate last minute stuff, and yet that's my pattern this last year. It's super late, I don't have everything done that I needed to get done and we have a whole lot going on and my head is just spinning. My stomach is crazy upset because of some very tough stuff that we have to take care of in order to move and tonight, I wish it was July 9, 2007. I know that probably sounds like a leadership cop out, but man, what a year it has been.

My mother-n-law said something to me yesterday that has really stuck with me. Actually, she said it 5-6 times an hour. We stopped at their house on the way home from Chicago and she said, "I hope you guys have thought this thing through". The thing, being the move, a new position and moving our family 5 hours away. At first I thought, you really think I would move my family and put ourselves in some pretty tough positions without thinking it through. I feel like we have bathed this decision in prayer from the beginning and we both (Tracie and I) have an incredible peace about it all, but even though we have a peace about moving, there are some huge realities that we have to get through in order to move. So, this next month is going to be tough. Some financial obligations have to be taken care of (not getting a paycheck for almost a year creates some interesting financial obligations), we have to pack, we have to get our house in Livonia all settled (that's a story in itself), we have to get a move in date from our new residence, I have 31 talks to give at two summer camps and a mission trip, my sister n law gets married, and I leave tomorrow. Man, like I said, tonight my head is spinning.

Even with all this, I know God is in control and it will all work out. I know it will. It's just tough and I know he will provide and carry us.

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